Lil Mosey & Lil Baby

Back At It

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Lil Mosey & Lil Baby - Back At It
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Рингтон: Lil Mosey & Lil Baby - Back At It

Yeah, I'm back at it (Back)
My wrist cost a brick, I'm makin' moves, I'm makin' good habits (Good habits)
She fell in love and she wanna slide, she like a lean addict (Lil' bitch)
Feel like that nigga, they watch for me, said I'm so good at it (I'm so good at it)
I'm on the move, I'm in the tropics, yeah, I'm back at it (Back)
Hop in the booth, I make a mil', still want all the static (A mil')
Hop in the Rolls-Royce, I'm slidin' through all the traffic (Skrrt, skrrt)
She got a fat ass, I'm tryna fuck but she all plastic (Gang, gang)
I'm more rich than you, can't talk to me, I'm so dramatic (So dr-)

Pull out some racks for the bankroll
She wanna fuck 'cause of bankrolls
I'm finna hit different angles
I'm tryna go where you can't go
I'm tryna focus on bringin' my mom to the hills
I taught myself how to get it alone and don't ever pop no pill

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